Tofu Burger

Tofu Burger

I love a good burger, but society believes burgers to be unhealthy, fattening, or mainly for the high calorie. But I feel differently, so I went to check out the anatomy of a burger.

Here’s my analysis: The burger is calorie heavy mainly because of its pan-fried butter buns, high-fat ratio patties, type of cheese and heavy amount of sauces. Add in a set meal, and you will find more calories from fries and drinks. So, what if we try to reduce the burger’s calories while maintaining its taste? But to me, that’s not enough. I didn’t just want to reduce calories – I wanted to improve its overall nutrient profile.

Introducing the protein-rich, fiber-high tofu burger.

Changing the patty buns to Firm Tofu immediately increased the burger’s protein content, allowing the burger to keep you full for longer hours compared to the traditional burger.

These self-made spiced chicken patties were also kept low in fat, allowing you to have more protein without losing out in flavour. If you are looking for a meat-free option, consider using frozen patties from Quorn.

The general content added to the burger were mostly unprocessed, allowing you to get a big bite and enter the nostalgic feeling of eating a burger without the oily after taste that makes you feel fat and greasy.

Don’t want to go for French fries nor soft drinks? Consider using baked sweet potato fries and green tea as an alternative.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Serving Size: Two

Suitable for: Anytime Meal


Chopping Board

Medium Pan



For the burger bun and ingredients

1 block of Tau kwa (Firm Tofu)

50grams of Pea Sprout (You probably need less, but better to prepare more)

Chili Sauce



A Slice of low-fat cheese

Teaspoon of oil to grease the pan

Chicken patty or Quorn burger patty

Chicken Patty Recipe (This recipe creates 5-8 patties)

500g Minced Chicken (or any meat)



*Chili Powder [Optional]

Preparation Work:

  • Slice the Tau Kwa into two. For a thinner texture, slice it into three parts
  • Prepare the chicken patty by mixing all the ingredients for the patty together and shaping them into patties.
  • To shape the patties, roll it into a ball with your hands and press it into the size of your palm after


  • In a medium pan, stir fry the Tau Kwa until it turns slightly light brown. Flip it over and do the same.
  • Set the Tau Kwa aside, and pan fry the pea sprouts and patties separately.
  • Once the pea sprouts and patties are ready, you can begin putting the burger together.
  • For a single layer burger, begin by placing one slice of Tau Kwa at the bottom, followed by the pea sprout, patty, cheese, sauce and then a tau kwa patty.


  • Feel free to add more vegetables or mix it up a little with caramelised onions or chopped mushrooms.
  • Consider using other sauces like teriyaki or BBQ sauce to spice up the burger

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