Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice

I’ll let you in a secret.

I didn’t want to share this recipe with you. It was meant to be for my clients only because it’s so easy to make, yet gives you a very whole protein meal, along with some vegetables to fill you up. In my opinion, this is one of the best creations! Oh wait. Right. The best part. You only need two ingredients to whip this up! But I though to myself… alright, the audience needs something good once in awhile =p

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Selecting healthier choices at Starbucks

You’ve decided to meet your friend, or a client during lunch break at a cafe nearby. But the only cafe in the area is the one and only commonly known Starbucks, with a reputation for it’s high calorie drinks, delicious pastries and might I add, highly awesome cakes. You drool uncontrollably but you realize that you just started your body transformation challenge. After all, it’s the New Year and you really want to see a beach body for 2018. 

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