3 Ingredients Sweet Potato Fries

I really love fries, but these days, while convenient, heading down to the nearest fast food for my fries loads up on my carbohydrates and fats calories pretty darn quickly. Furthermore, the amount of times these oil has been re-used is madness to say the least.

Enter my latest experiment: Sweet potato fries. In the past week I continuously thought of new things to cook, and my cravings for carbohydrates grew stronger. It didn’t help that I was talking to my athlete about how sweet potatoes are not only good sources as a low GI fuel, but also strong as a vitamin A food which helps a lot in your eye health. Thus, the adventure began.

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Selecting healthier choices at Starbucks

You’ve decided to meet your friend, or a client during lunch break at a cafe nearby. But the only cafe in the area is the one and only commonly known Starbucks, with a reputation for it’s high calorie drinks, delicious pastries and might I add, highly awesome cakes. You drool uncontrollably but you realize that you just started your body transformation challenge. After all, it’s the New Year and you really want to see a beach body for 2018. 

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