Annabelle Chean, Student

Annabelle Chean, Student

I am Annabelle, 19 years old student. For the past few years I’ve been trying my very best to lose weight through eating lesser and running once or twice a week. You guys should know about the 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. From the look of it, definitely what I was doing was not enough.

I approached James 3 months ago and told him about my desire to lose weight and look toned.

He was really patient and explained to me – it is not about eating less, but eating right. Running twice a week definitely isn’t going to lose much weight or technically, for me to reach my goal.

After knowing my goals – which was to lose weight and most importantly look toned, he made a program for me to follow.

He also scheduled a session with me so that I am sure of the technique of the different movements I had to do in the gym. After that, it was all through online where we communicate about my questions about gym & nutrition.

16 Apr 

Muscle mass – 21.4

Fat mass – 13.9

Body fat percentage – 26.0%

2 May

Muscle mass – 21.8

Fat mass – 12.7

Body fat % – 23.9%

In 16 days,

My muscle mass increased by 0.4kg,

My body fat mass decreased by 1.2kg

My body fat % went down by 2.1%.

And this. Was just taken a few days ago,

4 Aug

My muscle mass is now 22.1%,

Body fat mass 12.0,

body fat percentage 22.8%.

As compared to before I started his program till now,

There is an increase of my muscle mass of a 0.7, decrease of body fat mass of 1.9,

And a decrease of body fat percentage of 3.2%.

As we did this through online after the one session we had, I am really satisfied with the results. I bet if he were to train me directly, I’ll definitely get better, and quicker results.

I thank James for always answering my questions at night before I sleep – is oat okay? How much carbs can I take? Is barley okay? Is ICECREAM okay? Hahaha!

He have always been so patient, and dedicated with what he is doing. Thank you for putting your heart and passion in guiding me through.

I am now more confident, and am committed in what I’m doing – to look healthy, and most importantly, be healthy.

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