tofu noodles with soup

Recipe: Tofu Noodles with Egg & Broccoli

What is high in protein and can be used to replace noodles? 

Answer: Tofu.

Yes, your read it right. The answer is Tofu. Baiye Tofu are basically sheets of tofu that can be found in most local supermarket Typically ranging between SGD$2-3.

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Despite the price, Baiye Tofu contains a good 20g of protein per serving! If you do the calculations, that’s a good $1.50 for 20g worth of protein, and can replace your carbohydrate rich noodles. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

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Personally, the best part about Baiye Tofu is the fact that they are very easy to prepare. Slice it with a knife to the noodle thickness you would like to have, and they’re ready to be cooked. I probably took 30 seconds to open the packet and slice a portion of the noodles. Some Baiye Tofu may come in a large sheet folded up, so you may need to cut the sides to shorten your noodles.

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With all that said, today’s recipe features a soup dish using 4 ingredients. While Baiye Tofu packs a good punch of protein which sustains us longer before we grow hungry again, it’s muscle building protein may be lacking. Thus, eggs have been supplemented in to boost it’s muscle building properties (protein synthesis) so as to aid in better recovery. To increase it’s flavor, a soup stock has been used. Soup stock concentrate tend to be better compared to it’s powdered neighbors, but if you have the time to create a soup stock from scratch, that would be awesome.

Cooking Time:

  • 10-15 mins

Equipment used:

  • 1 Small Pot

Ingredients used:

  • 500ml water, boiled
  • 1/2 a packet of Baiye Tofu (Roughly 125g), sliced into noodles of your preferred size
  • 1 medium sized broccoli (Roughly 2.5 fist size), chopped
  • 1 tbsp scallop soup stock (You can use other soup stocks), liquid concentrate
  • 2 eggs

Serving Size:

  • This recipe serves one


  • Place the broccoli into the boiled water for about 5 mins
  • Add Baiye Tofu into the water. Spread the noodles open and stir for another 5 min
  • As the noodles and broccoli become cooked, add the soup stock and eggs into the soup. Stir the soup dish to separate the eggs and mix the soup stock into the soup.
  • Once the eggs are cooked, your dish is ready to be served.

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