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You know what we all like? A good bargain!

But this is not it no. This is a page where we host the existing partnership with other brands and companies, many of which valuable and useful to your nutrition journey. You can find supplements and food and sometimes… snacks like ice cream!

If you are an existing client of James, click here! You will also have access to further discounts like blood test, wearables, and physiological tests. Drop James a text for the password. If you are interested to hire him for nutrition consultation, drop him a DM on instagram or fill this questionnaire and James will revert to you within 48 hours.

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WOAH Group

WOAH Group offers supplements like protein powder to snacks (bars, cookies, etc), pre-workout, EAAs, and such.

Some of the brands offered under WOAH are Barebells, Muscletech, Cellucor, Myprotein. WOAH also has protein ice cream, which are high in protein and rich in leucine.

WOAHSNJ 20% off all items

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Myprotein Singapore

At least 52% off. Discount increases during flash sales

Promo Code: MPSNJ

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Calli Low Calorie Ice Cream

15% discount

1.) non stackable with other promos and discount
2.) does not include delivery
3.) valid till 30th june 2021.

Drop James a text if you want Calli after date of expiry, and he’ll try to get a new code.

Promo Code: BF-JAMES

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40% Discount sitewide

Promo Code: SGJAMES40

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Blender Bottle

10% off any 2 blender bottles

Promo Code: SNJ10

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5% off all meals


SG Homemade

SGHomeMade/Mingle Seasoning

10% off all products

Promo Code: SNJ10

snj lobang page


10% off all products

Promo Code: SNJAMES

WhatIF Foods

High protein, low calorie instant noodles made of natural ingredients

Promo Code: JAMES20

20% off all products



Frozen Meal Prep meals.

Promo code: JAMES10

10% off all products, valid until Dec 31st

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