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Sports nutritionist James wants you to eat your favourite food while crushing your fitness goals all year round.

Get fit. Lose weight. Maximize your performance through proven & sustainable sports nutrition.

This coaching is designed for you. Experience your personal paradigm shift while you rebuild your mindset and foundation of what you know is true about nutrition. Leverage my 8 years of experience. Join the success of hundreds of people I have helped to transform.

Any good training plan without proper nutrition doesn't provide you optimal results.

You’ve already spent so much effort to train so hard. Let your food help you maximize what you can achieve.

Why this nutrition coaching was created.

Minimum work, maximum results

What if I told you that you can …

No more crazy dieting.

Because if you get into one, you will need to get out of it. Let us help you make a lifestyle change instead! This way, your results sticks with you.

No more counting calories.

Not only is calorie counting inaccurate, it can be frustrating trying to figure out how much more you are allowed to eat.

No food scales.

Because nobody really wants to carry a weighing scale around, let alone weigh food in front of their friends.

Learn all about FOOD!

Don’t just learn macros and calories. Food accounts for more than just that.

Let me worry about the science, while you work on the process

Nutritional “noise” is everywhere today. A new fad diet will appear and try to tell you why it works, but they may not share the full facts.

What can you get when you are working with Sports Nutritionist James?

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Who is this Nutrition Coaching program made for?

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We'll meet you where you are, give you what you need, in order to achieve what you want.

Nothing is unachievable with us. We’ll help you in every step of the way, so that you can get the results that you truly want.

When is the next available Nutrition Coaching session?

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Who is Sports Nutritionist James?

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Sports Nutritionist James’ years of ongoing knowledge and experiences in sports science and performance nutrition combines the best knowledge in the industry into simple practical actions so that you will not only hit your fitness goals, but also learn why each strategy works.

How is James' coaching different?


8 years of successful track record in nutrition coaching


James’s coaching is live, personalized and tailored to your individual needs


His coaching is solely designed to have an immediate impact on your results


Rebuild your foundations of what you thought was once true about nutrition



Lost 32kg
Passion unlocked


Once in our lives
Cheerleading Coach
S. Dip, Nutrition & Health


FISAF Certified Personal Trainer


Nutrition Coach, Pn1


Sports Coach for kids
S&C Coach, ASCA Lv 1
Jack of all trades no more!


BSc, Dinstinction
Mental Skills Trainer
Sports Scientist, SAF
Shooting Team


Dip. ISSN, Distinction


Msc, Sports Nutrition


What others are saying about Sports Nutritionist James

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what others have been saying about our nutritional coaching programs.

Annabelle Chean, Air Stewardess
Annabelle Chean, Air Stewardess
He have always been so patient, and dedicated with what he is doing. Thank you for putting your heart and passion in guiding me through. I am now more confident, and am committed in what I’m doing – to look healthy, and most importantly, be healthy.
Cheryl, Olympic Weight Lifter
Cheryl, Olympic Weight Lifter
Thanks for helping me in my last minute weight cut, especially that last stubborn and annoying 1kg.
Chok Boon Meng, Senior Analyst
Chok Boon Meng, Senior Analyst
James was my personal trainer who helped me lose 20kg in a short time of 6 months. Not only does he work out with me, he also helped me through every step of the way for my nutrition and overall lifestyle.
Sufian, Personal Trainer
Sufian, Personal Trainer
James is my trusted source of sports nutrition information. I refer all my clients to him!

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