Sports nutritionist James wants you to eat your favourite food while smashing your weight loss goals all year round.

Lose weight safely and mindfully through proven & sustainable sports nutrition.

I’ve started my journey in 2010. Is this the year you’ll be starting yours too?

Are you feeling hungry all the time even though you just ate?

Have you been trying all sorts of diets and exercise, hoping that you will actually start losing weight but you don’t see any weight loss results?

Do you find yourself often overcompensating during meals due to eating too little earlier in the day or not eating when you are actually really hungry?

What if, there is a way for you to lose weight safely and mindfully — without spending all the time, money and effort on fads, advices from well-intended sources

If you are a performance athlete looking to lose weight safely (to make it in time for a weigh-in), or a busy professional who wants to shed off the weight that you’ve gained (from stress eating or during the weekend trip overseas), this nutritional consultation is for you.

Weight loss is about putting in minimal work to get maximum results through nutrition.

What if I told you that you can no longer need to do these things while achieving maximum results in your training program?

No more crazy dieting.

Because if you get into one, you will need to get out of it. Food accounts for more than just macros and calories. Let us help you make a lifestyle change instead! This way, your results stick with you.

No more boring and restrictive food.

Food is boring if there’s no taste. Not only will you get bored of it, but there’s also a chance you’ll find it very unsustainable.

However, learning how to enjoy your favourite food mindfully, not only will you be able to lose weight, you’ll also be able to build an awesome relationship with food, keeping you healthy both physically and mentally.

No weird programs to follow. 

This is all about you, not just another program you need to follow to get results that may not appear. To make this happen, we understand where you are, meet you there, and bring you to where you want to be one step at a time. Every tool used within our toolbox is given with you in mind.

Weight loss is about putting in the effort on the process, not about following the nutritional "noise" from everywhere.

Nutritional “noise” is everywhere today. A new fad diet will appear and try to tell you why it works, but they may not share the full facts.

Have you come across any of these “familiar advice” before?

What if you can be properly equipped with the correct nutritional advice and know-how — ones that are customized and designed specifically based on you as a unique individual — without any of the marketing fluff?

Weight loss for performance athletes and busy professionals.

Take the two individuals’ stories below.

Cheryl, Weightlifter, Gold Medalist.

Not too long ago, Cheryl and I met over coffee for a consultation on making weight to compete in her weight category for Olympic weightlifting (U63), a week away.

I optimized her nutrition strategy ensuring that she loses weight on time for the weigh-in, then followed up with another set of strategies to optimize her performance, and bagging her first weightlifting gold medal at the end of the competition.

Matthew, Senior Analyst.

Matthew arranged for a personal nutritional consultation on two separate occasions. Due to the unrealistic goal setting, we did not manage to get him to his desired weight at the end of the first program.

After a year and a series of life events later, Matthew decided to take more deliberate action and got in touch with me for another consultation. Matthew aced his weight loss goals as he completed his personal training, nutrition and meal plans, resulting in a 6kg weight loss within the first month, and losing 20kg in six months.

It has been over three years since they worked together, and Matthew had maintained the weight he lost with no rebound.

You’ve already spent so much effort to train so hard. Why not let your food help you maximize what you can achieve for your weight loss goals?

​I will help you personalize your nutrition that optimizes your fitness performance and results without avoiding your favourite food.

Nutritional Consultation: What can you get when working with Sports Nutrition James?

Body composition measurement to know where you are starting at right now.

All clients will start with an initial nutritional consultation to help us set the tone to understand where you are and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Here are 4 key things that we will be covering in the 60 mins nutrition consultation session:

  • A 4-way body composition measurement
    (Harpenden Skinfold Measurement, Girth Measurement, Total Bodyweight and Photos)

    You cannot manage what you do not measure. Machine-based body measurements cannot be accurate when they are not properly calibrated. Therefore, we use a 4-way measurement to get a precise measurement and a better sense of your body composition.
  • Nutrition education based on your fitness goal

    We don’t just want to help you get to the what, but also the why. Because nutrition education is key to the longevity of your fitness goal, I will educate, equip and empower you with the nutritional knowledge that is personalized to your specific needs.
  • A nutrition, exercise and lifestyle consultation

    We cannot deal with nutrition without looking at your exercise and lifestyle. Therefore, we quantify all received data together to give you a bigger picture. This allows us to troubleshoot where the issue is and work on solving the problem directly.
  • An Action Plan to help you smash your fitness goals immediately

    By understanding the above data, we will finally be able to create an action plan to help you hit your goals at once. Using the different tools in my fitness and nutrition toolbox, I will tell you exactly what you can do right now to help you see an immediate improvement in your results.

The nutritional consultation is currently priced at $150 (U.P.: $199) when you sign up right now (order and checkout at the end of this page).

Who is this Nutrition Consultation made for?

This program is for you if you are someone who is:

  • A busy working adult who wants to see measurable change in your weight or performance in the next 4 weeks
  • Always feeling very hungry throughout the day and want to enjoy a non-restrictive way of eating
  • The hard worker in the gym who is tired of all the nutritional “noise” and wants to get results based on science and evidence
  • A performance athlete who has been working hard and is ready to go to the next level through proper nutrition programming

However, if you are one of those who are only looking around for the “next new diet”, or the “fastest way” for an “extreme weight loss”, you may want to look elsewhere — this nutritional consultation is for you who is serious with your fitness goals.

If you are ready to start working with me in the next 30 days and able to commit to making positive changes with proven and sustainable sports nutrition, I will help you in every step of the way so that you can get the results that you truly deserve.

When is the next available Nutrition Consultation session?

A limited number of slots is opened on the first of each month to maintain the quality of service to each athlete.

As slots tend to fill up really fast — we’re usually booked by the second week of every month — you’ll have a better chance of securing your appointment when you plan a month ahead.

Who is Sports Nutritionist James?

James Yeo, Bsc, Dip.ISSN, CISSN, PN2
Performance Nutritionist

Sports Nutrition plays a strong role in smashing your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to change your body composition, perform better or recover faster, nutrition cannot be neglected. However, nutrition alone may not be enough to draw you the full picture.

  • 9+ years of experience in the sports & fitness industry leading different roles
  • 6 credentials in nutrition including a post-graduate diploma in sports nutrition (distinction)
  • 9 credentials in sports and exercise, including a degree in sports & exercise science (distinction)
  • One of the only few sports science trained sports nutritionist in Singapore
  • Worked with multiple athletes, including national record holders
  • Train personal trainers in the fitness industry (including Fitness First and Virgin Active) to coach nutrition better
  • International Fitness Speaker, Expro Fitness Convention 2019

How is James’ nutrition consultation different?

Sports Nutritionist James’ years of ongoing knowledge and experiences in sports science and performance nutrition combines the best knowledge in the industry into simple practical actions so that you will not only hit your fitness goals, but also learn why each strategy works.


8 years of successful track record in nutrition coaching


James’s coaching is live, personalized and tailored to your individual needs


His coaching is solely designed to have an immediate impact on your results


Rebuild your foundations of what you thought was once true about nutrition

With my credentials and experiences, I am able to combine my knowledge in sports science with nutrition to draw you a strong overview of where you are in terms of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, and pinpoint the most critical area you should work on right away so that you can conquer your fitness goal right away. Not only will you experience change, but you will also transform to become the best version of you.

James at Train-the-Trainers Nutrition workshop with Fitness First
James at Train-the-Trainers Nutrition workshop with Virgin Active Holland Village.
James at Train-the-Trainers Nutrition workshop with TripleFit



Lost 32kg

Basic Exercise Course, Singapore Sports Council


Became a Cheerleading Coach for KOSMOS Cheerleading Team

Specialist Diploma in Nutrition & Health Promotion, Singapore Polytechnic


FISAF Certified Personal Trainer

Certified TRX Coach


Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach


Became a Sports Coach for Children (3-4 years old) under the leadership of Sportify

Strength and Conditioning Coach, ASCA Level 1

Degree in Sports & Exercise Science (Distinction)

Curriculum Developer for Sports Science Modules of Singapore Sports School under the outsourced leadership of SportPsych Consulting


Mental Skills Trainer, The Mental Toughness Research Institute

Basic Sports Massage Course, FHYSIO

Sports Scientist for the SAF Shooting Team under the outsourced leadership of SportPsych Consulting


Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Distinction), International Society of Sports Nutrition

Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition

Precision Nutrition Level 2


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