Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

I chanced upon this really cool shop a few months back while hanging out with a friend at Toa Payoh. The front view of the shop intrigued me, but we’ve already decided to go for ice cream, so as much as we wanted to check out what the shop was about, I had to… let it go.

Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

ANYWAY. We went for ice cream, had our ice cream and played Pictionary ( You are welcome) until the shops were about to close, but I wanted to play more, so we had to find new ground to hunt. That was when we remembered Frozen.

“Eh. Let’s go check out that shop la. See what they sell”
“Ok lor. But I full sia.”
“Me too. Nvm, see see only”

Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

Upon entering the shop, we were welcomed by the beautiful yet minimalistic view of Frozen’s interior design. The whole place literally shouted “Stay, stay, don’t run away” and my eye just went up and down looking at everything. I think the photos taken are very nice but you have to be there to know what I mean when I say that the interior looks so pretty!

Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

So my number 1 question when I saw the shop name was.. “Other than making Disney jokes, what does Frozen sell?” Organic Frozen Yogurt. And mind you, these are not just any other ordinary yogurt! I’m not too sure if anywhere else in Singapore sells it this way, but Frozen uses Stevia instead of sugar for some of their organic frozen yogurt!
Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

In total, there’re six different flavors of organic frozen yogurt as shown on the picture. Pomegranate, Lychee, Banana Caramel, Lemon & Ginger, Mango & Soy and Natural. The boss over at Frozen has kindly given me some nutritional information about the yogurt to share with you guys YAY!

Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

As I was sharing, some of these organic frozen yogurt, specifically Lemon & Ginger and Natural flavor uses stevia instead of sugar. Stevia is basically a sugar replacement and has been widely used with the diabetic and obese population as they allow food products to be sweet without the calories. [Disclaimer: This does not mean that I recommend the organic frozen yogurts for the diabetics. If you belong to this group, check in with your nutritionist first!]

Frozen also has a WIDE variety of toppings to go along with your yogurt, and what I really love about the toppings is that they range from your usual sweet treats (sweets, gummies, sugar, cake.. oh wait CAKE!) to healthier choices such as goji berries and chia seeds, allowing you to bring your health conscious friends along to have a nice dessert! Isn’t that awesome? I can think of so many friends I can bring along already!

Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

Since we came after ice cream, we were pretty full so we didn’t order much. I went with the natural flavored yogurt along with some blueberries, strawberries, mango pearls, chocolate chips, kiwi, goji berries, chia seeds, coconut flakes, granola and cake. Frozen charges their yogurt by total weight (S$3.90 per 100 grams), so I was able to select many different types of toppings without worrying about how much each topping cost. Money saving tip over here!

I really liked how the natural yogurt tasted. If you have tried stevia before, you would know that it’ll always give a bitter aftertaste. However, my taste bud detected none of that while I enjoyed my yogurt with the rest of the toppings. Super big plus point right here!

Frozen Yogurt with NO SUGAR. Find out where!!

There’re really a huge variety of choices for everyone at Frozen, specifically for the weight conscious and SNJ’s Eatformation shares some of the choices one can consider to either keep the calories low or boost the numbers. However, muscle builders will not find much protein choices in this shop. That said, you should still come because lower calorie organic frozen yogurt!

The nearest MRT Station from Frozen is Braddell, and is a 10 minutes walk upon exiting the MRT station. The ambiance around the place is very chill, so hanging out around here after a long day at work, or simply catching up with your friends is really awesome.

Cost Per Serving: $~$$

Location: Central Singapore

Dining Category: Cafe/Desserts

Ambiance: 5/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Estimated Macros: Flexible

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 12pm-10pm

Friday: 12pm-10.30pm

Saturday: 11.30am-10.30pm

Sunday: 11.30am-10pm


Frozen By A Thousand Blessings

Block 126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-551, Singapore, 310126

Disclaimer: Unsponsored Post


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