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Previously known as Ginza Plaza, many of my childhood friends will remember sneaking over here after school just to play Counter Strike or buy the newest Gameboy games, Tamiya car or Beyblade so that they can stay cool. Many years later, Waterbath Chef places itself right outside West Coast Plaza.


Walking towards the attractive shop will show you how Waterbath Chef started.Upon entering the cafe, you’ll be able to choose between building your own meals from S$4.90. Friends living in Singapore will know that $4.90 for healthy food like these is a rare gem. Eating clean is no longer expensive my friends!!

If you’re lazy to choose, Waterbath Chef has created a few colorful meals that’s nutritiously packed with flavor!

Waterbath Chef_Beef Pasta_Native

Waterbath Chef_Chicken Salad_Native

Waterbath Chef_Dory Soba_Native

Waterbath Chef_Signature Chicken Rice_Native

Waterbath Chef_Tofu Brown Rice_Native

I was feeling hardworking today, so I went for the build-your-own option. As you can see, the menu has a wide variety of food and you can choose according to your liking. If you’re a truffle fanatic, this is your place!


I went for the Large portion and chose Tomato-based Pasta, WBC Chicken Breast, Sous Vide Truffle Eggs, Broccoli, Edaname and Corn. I also took the Yakiniku and Truffle Mashed flavor bomb.


I have to say LOTS of thought have been put into the packaging. If you’re taking your meal away, this cardboard box allows you to bring your food home, and the top portion of the take away box can easily be torn!


I also like how Waterbath Chef’s spock was super thoughtful especially for people on the go. Since you have to hold the box on one hand, holding only one utensil makes sense because there’s no longer a need to keep switching between fork and spoon!


Using my fist as a comparison, the portion of the large size is really pretty big, so if you’re one with a small appetite, going for the Small may make more sense. Trust me on this. I can eat a lot, so when I say the portion is big, it’s really big!


WBC’s chicken breast one of those “Do not judge a book by it’s cover” moment. The chicken breast may look like just another plain white breast, but upon biting into the meat, the soft juicy flesh will really get you thinking and your brain will be filled with exploding OH MY GOD!!! I now have to re-evaluate my kitchen skills.

Other stuff like the truffle egg and tomato based pasta were equally amazing. These days, anything truffle hits the hype, but Waterbath Chef brings it one level higher by ensuring that the eggs were cooked to perfection. With egg yolks, there’s a fine line between too wet and too dry, but these eggs were just nice.

I especially enjoyed dipping my vegetables into the flavor bombs. Since I have 2 flavor bombs to play with, my once plain broccoli were no longer the same upon taking a dip. Oh the joy!

By the way, if you’re thirsty, FREE water (Super big deal to me!!) is available in Waterbath Chef! Just grab your cup and fill it up using the water jars provided!


Waterbath Chef provides a wide range of selection, allowing you to flexibly choose what sort of macronutrient combination you would like to have. But if you can’t decide what to choose, consider using my Eatformation to help you out!

Loyalty Card

On your very first purchase, you’ll receive a Waterbath Chef loyalty card. Every subsequent $5 entitles you to one stamp and you can get a FREE side dish at the 5th stamp, and enter into a mini lucky dip if you fill the whole card up!

But that’s not all. Waterbath Chef believes in creating a healthy living community and so in addition to all the food, Waterbath Chef has also introduced a FREE HIIT Workout Session where you can bring a friend along to sweat it out with you!

Free HIIT Session

But if you’re alone, don’t worry because you can always make new friends! Waterbath Chef has started this initiative for awhile now and have created quite the crowd!


If you’re not a resident in West Coast, coming here is really easy. Take 175 or 282 from Clementi MRT Station and you’ll be able to reach West Coast Plaza in 10 mins!

Waterbath Chef really holds true to it’s tagline: Big food, little money. For nutritiously healthy food at a budget, I’ll definitely recommend for you to give this place a visit!

Cost Per Serving: $~$$

Location: West Singapore

Dining Category: Cafe

Ambiance: 4/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Estimated Macros: Flexible

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10am-10pm

Saturday: 8am – 10pm

Location: 154 West Coast Road, #B1-57, 126794

Disclaimer: Unsponsored Post

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