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Food: Aloha Poké

Ask my close friends and they’ll tell you how much I like to start my conversations by poking their shoulders. HAHA. So when Aloha Poké first introduced their Poke bowl, it resonated so much with me and I told myself that I MUST drop by to try their food one day. One day happened probably nearly 2 years after, and earlier this week I was brought out to have a taste of the widely raved Poké bowl.. for free! Kudos to my amazing friend Cherry for buying me dinner that night!


Let me begin by saying that Aloha Poké has free refreshing water. BIG plus point every time I see free water!! Finding free water in restaurants can be comparable to finding rare Pokémon these days; uncommon. But water at Aloha Poké is even better because they have fruits added into the water, boosting the refreshing taste by 1000 levels. Now imagine having this after a hard day at work, or after a long game of soccer. Yes, I know, I know. You’re welcome.

Building your Poké bowl is super easy. If you’re lazy, just choose the standard Nalu tuna or Nalu salmon bowl. Otherwise, you have a build-your-own Poké bowl that allows you to choose the size of your Poké bowl and the ingredients you wish to have.  To make your life a little simpler, I downloaded the order sheet from Aloha Poke’s website so that you can check out how their system works. You can also print out the order sheet and pass it straight to the cashier along with your order to help make your waiting time shorter.

If you happen to visit Aloha Poké at City Hall, you can also try the Pokéritto which is basically your Poké bowl made into a wrap.

Click here to download Aloha Poké Bowl Order Sheet

Click here to download Aloha Pokéritto Order Sheet


We decided to go a build-your-own order. Once we were ready, we went to the cashier to place our orders. However, the only fishes left that day were Original and Wasabi Mayo, but both of us were looking forward to trying Spicy and Seasonal.

OKAY SO RIGHT. Me being me, when the cashier told me about the above, I was all normal and happy to go with just Original and Wasabi Mayo salmon, but Cherry was really looking forward to having Aloha Poké that night, and so when she heard “No more spicy and seasonal”, you could see the immediate change in expression from her normal HAHAHAHAHAHA self straight into dead silence in a split second. Okay so what happened next was:

Cherry:  Spicy don’t have?
Cashier: Uhhhhhhhh let me check with my chef if she’s going to make more spicy tuna!

If you ask me, I think Cherry’s sad face compelled the cashier to beg the chef to make some spicy tuna to make Cherry’s day. But anyway, she got what she wanted yay! Both of us got a Standard Nalu Bowl, ordered our respective Poké, Add-Ons, super food and I bought a beet root cold press juice.



I found the fishes to be superb. Love it. 100/10 if there’s such a thing. However, spicy tuna was a tad spicy. I loved it, Cherry had no problem biting it, but if you’re not a fan of spicy stuff, you may want to stick to original. After all, authentic is awesome right?

With the size variation given, you can customize your Poké and Pokéritto into your nutritional needs. As usual, Eatformation is up. Except for protein where I feel both salmon and tuna’s fine as a protein choice, I’ve placed my recommendations for the base, add-on and super food according to your weight goals.

Aloha Poké.jpg

With good food, free water, nice staff and the ability to experience the taste of the beach within the cozy corners of Singapore, you really need to drop by Aloha Poké. I’m so looking forward to my next visit!


Cost Per Serving: $$

Location: Central Singapore

Dining Category: Restaurant

Ambiance: 3/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Taste: 5/5

Estimated Macros: Flexible

Location: Click here for the locations

Disclaimer: Unsponsored Post

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