[GIVEAWAY] Eating clean is now available at STARBUCKS!

If you’ve been following me for awhile you would know that this isn’t the first time I’m writing about Starbucks. But hey if you are, no worries, Click here to read all about it! Between then and now, Starbucks and added in many new stuff on their food section, so they are no longer just about burgers and pastries. Hurray! This brings us back to the question:

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$7.50 for $10 worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

Located at OUE Downtown, Autobus has been the buzz around town lately. You can almost always see a long queue along their shop during lunch hour, and it’s relatively reasonable when you check out the discount voucher they have on Fave. Want to voucher too? Click here! You’re welcome. With that said, if you want to enjoy your time here, avoid lunch hour!!

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Food: Aloha Poké

Ask my close friends and they’ll tell you how much I like to start my conversations by poking their shoulders. HAHA. So when Aloha Poké first introduced their Poke bowl, it resonated so much with me and I told myself that I MUST drop by to try their food one day. One day happened probably nearly 2 years after, and earlier this week I was brought out to have a taste of the widely raved Poké bowl.. for free! Kudos to my amazing friend Cherry for buying me dinner that night!

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Food: Simply wrapps

Ask me which healthy food chains I would love to go, and my first thought will easily be Simply Wrapps. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been here to grab a bite because Simply Wrapps is just so good! To explain how good Simply Wrapps are, I brought a friend, who never had salad in her life to Simply Wrapps and her life was transformed almost instantly. She came to Simply Wrapps on her own another two times in the same week because “Wah, Very nice leh!!”

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Selecting healthier choices at Starbucks

You’ve decided to meet your friend, or a client during lunch break at a cafe nearby. But the only cafe in the area is the one and only commonly known Starbucks, with a reputation for it’s high calorie drinks, delicious pastries and might I add, highly awesome cakes. You drool uncontrollably but you realize that you just started your body transformation challenge. After all, it’s the New Year and you really want to see a beach body for 2018. 

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