Selecting healthier choices at Starbucks

You’ve decided to meet your friend, or a client during lunch break at a cafe nearby. But the only cafe in the area is the one and only commonly known Starbucks, with a reputation for it’s high calorie drinks, delicious pastries and might I add, highly awesome cakes. You drool uncontrollably but you realize that you just started your body transformation challenge. After all, it’s the New Year and you really want to see a beach body for 2018. 

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fruits vs candy

Kitchen: Sanctuary or Warzone?

One of the places we hang out a lot when it comes to food is the kitchen, and very often that’s exactly where we make our choices. Often times  in our mission to live a healthier life, our rate of success in the kitchen depends on the presentation of our kitchen. Sure, while trying to get into a healthy lifestyle, you can always stock up on your favorite chocolate bar and potato chips (Who doesn’t love a little treat!) but where you place it makes a difference in how fast you finish it – which can make a great impact of how much calorie you add on to your weight *gasps*. Fret not, for I’m here to save the day with five kitchen hacks to help change your kitchen environment to prep you for success!

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