5 Ways a Solid Sports Nutrition Plan Will Improve Your Endurance Performance

While other athletes can stop and grab their nutrients in between rest period, endurance athletes are constantly on the go. Not only does this increase their energy output, it also means the amount of fuel they carry may have a direct effect on their performance – carry too many fuels and you’ll slow down. This means that an endurance nutrition plan before race must be properly strategized beforehand, or the athlete may risk performing poorly. Here are 5 ways a solid nutrition strategy will help endurance athletes improve their performance.

Ultra-Processed Food causes an increase in calorie intake and weight gain. Here’s how

It is common knowledge that ultra-processed food like donuts, chips and burgers tend to be diet-hurting. Many marketing ads will use words like “Say goodbye to your diet!” when they promote a new processed dish, often calorie heavy like a heavily frosted cake, and with good reason. It doesn’t help that ultra-processed food are often cheaper, tastier, and more convenient to purchase, making it the more attractive choice.

This paper by Professor Kevin Hall looks deeper into the relationship of ultra-processed food to find out how it causes us to gain weight. An infograph is attached to help you understand the relationship better too!

Prawn and Egg Fried Rice

If you’re a Chinese, or Asian in general, you’ll know that fried rice is a classic Asian dish loved by many. Every restaurant has their own way to prepare it, with a whole mix of different ingredients with fried rice, and they always turn out awesome. In this article, more than just a recipe, I’m also giving you a cheat sheet to cook more than one type of fried rice!

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If you’ve been following me for awhile you would know that this isn’t the first time I’m writing about Starbucks. But hey if you are, no worries, Click here to read all about it! Between then and now, Starbucks and added in many new stuff on their food section, so they are no longer just about burgers and pastries. Hurray! This brings us back to the question:

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Counting Calories is troublesome AND inaccurate. Here’s what you can try instead

There we go again. You open your calorie counting app, recording what you ate for the day, measuring your food, tapping the numbers in so that you’re kept accountable to what you eat. It’s your fifth time using the app now and you’re wondering if you’re eating enough.”What a hassle!” you thought, as you record that chia seed pudding you had into your app before closing it.

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Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice

I’ll let you in a secret.

I didn’t want to share this recipe with you. It was meant to be for my clients only because it’s so easy to make, yet gives you a very whole protein meal, along with some vegetables to fill you up. In my opinion, this is one of the best creations! Oh wait. Right. The best part. You only need two ingredients to whip this up! But I though to myself… alright, the audience needs something good once in awhile =p

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Why you should consider NOT trying the diet that helped him lose 20kg in 3 months

Timothy recently went on the miracle diet X and lost 20kg in 3 months. Glenda and Josiah, who were looking to lose weight, saw the transformation Timothy had and were hyper impressed. As such, they decided to give miracle diet X a go. After all, after trying for so long, they are now desperate for a miracle.

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$7.50 for $10 worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

Located at OUE Downtown, Autobus has been the buzz around town lately. You can almost always see a long queue along their shop during lunch hour, and it’s relatively reasonable when you check out the discount voucher they have on Fave. Want to voucher too? Click here! You’re welcome. With that said, if you want to enjoy your time here, avoid lunch hour!!

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3 Ingredients Sweet Potato Fries

I really love fries, but these days, while convenient, heading down to the nearest fast food for my fries loads up on my carbohydrates and fats calories pretty darn quickly. Furthermore, the amount of times these oil has been re-used is madness to say the least.

Enter my latest experiment: Sweet potato fries. In the past week I continuously thought of new things to cook, and my cravings for carbohydrates grew stronger. It didn’t help that I was talking to my athlete about how sweet potatoes are not only good sources as a low GI fuel, but also strong as a vitamin A food which helps a lot in your eye health. Thus, the adventure began.

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Food: Aloha Poké

Ask my close friends and they’ll tell you how much I like to start my conversations by poking their shoulders. HAHA. So when Aloha Poké first introduced their Poke bowl, it resonated so much with me and I told myself that I MUST drop by to try their food one day. One day happened probably nearly 2 years after, and earlier this week I was brought out to have a taste of the widely raved Poké bowl.. for free! Kudos to my amazing friend Cherry for buying me dinner that night!

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Food: Simply wrapps

Ask me which healthy food chains I would love to go, and my first thought will easily be Simply Wrapps. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been here to grab a bite because Simply Wrapps is just so good! To explain how good Simply Wrapps are, I brought a friend, who never had salad in her life to Simply Wrapps and her life was transformed almost instantly. She came to Simply Wrapps on her own another two times in the same week because “Wah, Very nice leh!!”

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