Performance Nutrition Partnership

For coaches, physiotherapist, allied health professional and wellness/healthcare/fitness business owners

Nutrition support for trainers

As personal trainers you are trained to support your clients in their health and fitness so they can lead a better, more confident life. Many of them feel stronger, more confident, more productive and generally just better about themselves, and that’s all thanks to you!

However, clients will sometimes ask you about nutrition related questions and while you have some basic training, some of them goes beyond your scope of practice and while you will help your client, you ultimately also want to provide them with the best help. This is where our partnership comes in.

Why work with us
  • Accredited Sports Science Trained Nutritionist, 10+ years in fitness industry
  • Trusted by national athletes, personal trainers, sports coaches and national institutes
  • Works with athletes going for national competitions
  • Reduce your workload and improve your client’s results while making a profit
  • Backend communication to ensure your clients are taken care of while keeping you in the loop
James is one of the expert reviewers for Precision Nutrition Academy, one of the most established Nutrition Course providers worldwide
How we can work together
These are the main possibilities! We can jump on a call to discuss further:
  • Referral of client
  • Monthly webinar
  • Seminar to drive traffic to your gym
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Nutrition Coach Course (Coming soon)
  • Overseas retreat & training camps
  • Food/supplement advisory
James presenting on Nutrition at a train the trainers' event

Initial Consultation

What your clients get:
  • Energy Balance Analysis
  • Understand key window of opportunities for an improvement in body composition
  • Action plan to execute
  • 100% money back guarantee if the session doesn’t help them
What you get:
  • Summary of our session with your client and action steps for them
  • Potential of us upselling your PT sessions per week as a result
everything you need to know about exercising as a female

Modern Day Fitness

What your clients get:
  • Personalized nutrition coaching and strategy sessions
  • 24/7 communications (24hrs turnaround)
  • Backend communications with you and your client’s support group
  • Personalized grocery list
  • Recipe library & cheat sheets
  • Over 800 F&B outlets of healthier eating options
  • Education portal (Coming soon)
What you get:
  • Reduced workload – we handle your client’s nutrition needs while keeping you in the loop
  • A highly experienced nutrition partner
  • Profits – commissions (up to $500) for every client closed
  • Referral from us. We love to help improve the nutrition of our clients but don’t want to handle their training too

Earn while your client learns with us!

  • Every month, we run virtual webinars to support our client’s education. This is also marketed to the public
  • As part of our partnership, we are happy to offer a 50% discount to your clients. The best part? You get to keep ALL the profits.*

*50% off applies to all clients, but profit of webinar applies to first-time referred clients only

Work with us to promote health while driving traffic to your business

Partner with us to build content that is specially catered to your audience
How this benefits us
  • Traffic is driven to your space to upsell your services
  • Our experience in events management will help us curate an overall better experience for clients, therefore increasing potential for sales
  • Using a profit-sharing model, we are also able to help improve profits per event
  • The same model can be re-marketed to corporates and other businesses

*Limitations: This partnership is currently limited to Singapore and Johor Bahru businesses due to finances and time. Overseas businesses can discuss this option with us if the finances make sense

Upskill your trainers to support your business

  • Learn how to take care of your clients’ nutrition
  • Understand core nutrition concepts beyond what textbook teaches you
  • Learn the psychology behind your client’s thought process when it comes to eatingUsing a profit-sharing model, we are also able to help improve profits per event
  • Learn how to improve your client’s adherence to nutrition

Train your clients at some of Asia’s best sports resort while making a profit!

Why Us
  • Our partner is Asia’s leading sports travel agency with more than 20 years combined experience
  • Multiple partnerships with resorts = better prices
What We Handle
  • Logistics, accommodation, booking of training venue, experiences outside of hotel, travel, flight
What You Handle
  • Inviting your clients to come along with you
  • Planning how much you want to make from the retreat

Looking to bring in supplements but don’t know what? We got you

  • Curate food/supplements that makes sense for your gym concept
  • Get unbiased opinion on the supplements you get for your clients
  • Connect you with relevant distributors
  • Sell these food for profit and make a cut out of it

Interested To Work Together?
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