$7.50 for $10 worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

$7.50 for $10 worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

Located at OUE Downtown, Autobus has been the buzz around town lately. You can almost always see a long queue along their shop during lunch hour, and it’s relatively reasonable when you check out the discount voucher they have on Fave. Want to voucher too? Click here! You’re welcome. With that said, if you want to enjoy your time here, avoid lunch hour!!

.50 for  worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

The bike theme cafe has been equipped with A LOT of seats to cater to the lunch hour crowd. A long queue can been seen forming at the entrance of The Autobus on a regular weekday lunch hour. With it’s range of selection and high amount of seating, this might be a great place to hang around if you’re looking to have lunch in a big group.

.50 for  worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

The Autobus actually has a decent variety of food for their grain bowl, and what caught my attention was how they had variations away from the norm both in the proteins, sides and dressings.

.50 for  worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

I visited The Autobus with Cecila at lunch hour, and was faced with an amazingly long queue. Have to say that the ambiance really helped make the whole waiting time a little more bearable. That said, despite the environmental setting where you have many people in the shop, I could still have a proper conversation with Cecila, and to me that’s important!

.50 for  worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

This was one of those embarrassing situations where a female actually ate almost two times more than me during lunch, but it was mainly because Cecila bought two $7.50 voucher on FAVE, so she had to purchase $20 worth of food to eat. We actually spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how to help her hit that amount. To explain the magnitude of volume she had in her bowl, the cashier was contemplating whether she needed two bowls to fill up her order.

Food Verdict

With our combined order, we managed to order most of the meat in the menu. In general, we loved the sides, especially with the brussel sprouts that didn’t had a tinge of bitterness in it’s taste. I also loved the variety of sauces and how they taste awesome.

Meat wise, Cajun chicken was heavenly. Turkey breast and Sirloin beef on the other hand wasn’t so great. In fact, we found the beef a little too well cooked and thus . Cecila however recounted that she had a much better experience when The Autobus was quieter back then, so the office crowd might be a possible reason why the quality of the beef was compromised. Aside from that, we were pretty happy customers.

.50 for  worth of healthy food? YES PLEASE!

The Autobus has three sizes, allowing me to fit them nicely into SNJ’s Eatformation. If you need ideas to enjoy food while hitting your weight goals, you’re welcome!

Aside from the huge variety, one attraction point I felt The Autobus really had was how they flavored all their ingredients. This made “clean food” taste much more flavorful, and every item less boring. With discounts ongoing at Fave, this is definitely a must-visit.

Cost Per Serving: $$~$$$

Location: Central Singapore

Dining Category: Cafe

Ambiance: 5/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Taste: 3/5

Estimated Macros: Flexible

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8am-9pm

Saturday: 7am – 3pm

Sunday: CLOSED


OUE Downtown

The Autobus

6A shenton way, #01-01


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